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Mom says our hearts started to beat
at the same time,
That we uttered our first words
in unison,
And our first steps were coordinated
like a waltz.

Dad says I cried when you were
feeling hungry,
That you asked for water when I was
feeling thirsty,
And our mouths opened at the same time
for a yawn.

The doctor says you had a fever when
I was ill,
That my stomach ached when
you had appendicitis,
And our allergies always happened
at the same time,

The teacher says I knew the answers
to your homework,
That your drawing was an illustration
of what I wrote,
And we copied in tests with just
one look

(Mom says go up there and talk)

And I say
We never needed to copy in the tests,
That our stories were always the same,
And we did our homework together.
Our allergies were one and the same,
That we had appendicitis on the same week,
And we always got sick on the same day.
We felt sleepy at the same time,
That we were thirsty and of course
hungry together.
We weren’t walking we were dancing,
That our first words were a conversation,
And that our hearts did start at the same time.

Why did yours stop first?
Number 29 of my 100 Theme Challenge
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Submitted on
April 8, 2016


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