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Influence Map 2015 by MinnaSD Influence Map 2015 by MinnaSD
So, the other day I was checking my deviations and I saw my influence map. I did it roughly 5 years ago and... well... in 5 years a lot of things have change! A LOT! Even the place where I live, the job I thought I was going to have and a bunch of other things. A new influence map seemed to make sense.

Here it is then. All of the things that influence me as a writer. I could have put more things, but those are the ones that do influence me when I write. Sabriel (the beautiful illustration is by Sebastian Ciaffaglione) and her writer Garth Nix are two great influences in my writing, something I have only noticed now, but in some of my old pieces I tried to emulate his style. I have found my own style now, but I can still see where it influences me.
Other things are a bit... obvious. Abandoned buildings, music, fairy tales, space, amazing scenery (and I do mean this quite literally, for that piece there "Ungodly Hour" once inspired a snippet for a story) and "What if?" are probably quite normal and common amongst most writers. And people. All kind of people of course. The diversity from all world astounds me everyday...
And then there's food. Why food? Because I grew around food. My mom loves to cook and so do I, so food and cooking is something I adore. I speak of it when I write and I think it's great to set the environment. My characters are staying at an inn and they're not going to ask for a steak and fries. So, yes... food.

As for my friends' art and characters. The two pieces are by OwnRabbit and IntriguingBeast, without a doubt two of my best friends in the internet and the world and writers who put up with my craziness daily. Don't have much to say except that I love you guys!
Oh... and cats. The photo is of my current cat, Isis, and my other cat, Thor, who had to go to another family when I moved to Brazil. He is happy though, and I miss him. Still... my cats have always inspired me. They're so smart and stylish!
The Sims... I made stories inside The Sims all the time. Created my characters, tried to see how they acted. Awesome...
And, last but not the least, journaling. I started keeping a journal in late 2013 and, even though we've had ups and downs, I love it. It's great introspection material and it helps me keep my head clear when I have to work and write. It's also a way to get the creative juices that have nothing to do with writing flowing.

tl;dr: look at all the pretty pictures of things I like and influence my writing.

Almost forgot: Influence Map Template by fox-orian
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