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The problem is not that I’m alone,
That there’s no one to welcome me home
Or that the bed is empty in the morning
in the evening and dawn.

The issue is not the meals for one,
The evenings in on my own,
That there aren’t calls from anyone
and no reason to have a phone.

The question is not that I’m lonely
in this one bedroom apartment.
That there’s nothing to make it homey,
except for what I can’t have anymore.

The question is you once were here
and you were my one and only.
The question is you showed me more
and had me longing for what I hadn’t before.

The issue is my heart longs for you
and my body misses your touch.
The issue is I’d love to hate you
but I can no longer hold a grudge.

The problem is I fell in love
and made a terrible mistake.
The problem is I am not above
of feeling this heartache.
Number 94 of my 100 Theme Challenge. However, even if the word is Brokenhearted, the poem is based of one of my characters, Chris, who is on her journey to a terrible heartache. Hence "Chris' Lament" because I know this is how she will be when everything goes down.
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Submitted on
May 11, 2014


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